Philadelphia 76ers: Sixers Sign Multiple FA's

By Tyler R. Tynes

The Philadelphia 76ers have gone out to do what they promised in the recent week. Along with the promotion of new General Manager, Tony Dileo, the Sixers also went ahead and signed multiple players to add to their roster going into training camp. The Sixers signed big men Dan Gadzuric and Devin Searcy, and continued by bringing in forward Damien Wilkens and town-favorite guard Xavier Silas on Thursday.

This has easily changed a former 13-man roster into a 17-man over load for this Sixers rotation. One of the biggest staples of the 76ers was their amazing depth, and now they’ve added to it with multiple different players to provide relief all through the extended lineup for the team.

Looking at the FA’s individually, first there’s Gadzuric. The 10-year vet is most well known for spending countless years with the Milwaukee Bucks franchise until being acquired by the Golden State Warriors and most recently playing two games last season for the New York Knicks. The 6-foot-11, 240 lbs, Gadzuric will serve as relief mostly to the Sixers frontcourt and another big body in the paint for Coach Doug Collins to use as he must.

Next, there are two players who have either reached their ceiling (potential wise) or it has just begun in the NBA. The Sixers picked up the young forward/center in Searcy from the University of Dayton. Searcy wasn’t the best player on the roster at Dayton, nor was he the first choice when it came to offensive possessions since he only averaged 3.7 points and 3.9 rebounds his senior season. However he might turn into another player that Collins feels like he can mold into a winner. That will take time to see.

Moving forward to Wilkens, the 8-year veteran may basically be at his ceiling when it comes to offensive production and reliability. The only upside to having him on the team is that he brings more depth to the wing position. Wilkens has averaged just over 6 points and 2 rebounds for his career, not impressive numbers, but his NBA experience might prove to be useful to players like Evan Turner and Dorell Wright who’s looking to jump into the rotation.

Lastly, there’s an interesting character in point-man Xavier Silas from Northern Illinois University. Silas was a former NCAA leading scorer in front of the likes of Jimmer Fredette & Marshon Brooks for majority of their season until he went down with a shoulder injury. After much rehabilitation and an injury during the NBA Summer League in Orlando, FL, it seems as if Coach Collins is awarding his hard work.

There’s much to gain from Silas’ presence on the court. The 6-foot-4, Silas, has reportedly changed his game over to being more of a ball-handler, than scorer since Summer League play. Having him in the back-court or even coming off the bench would be great relief to Jrue Holiday and he would rival rookie guard, Maalik Wayns, for the relief point guard position in the rotation. Silas was being rumored to not be signed all off-season, finally it looks as if Collins made the right move and brought the social media superstar back to the Wells Fargo Center.

With all of these recent signings, the Sixers cap off their tremendous off-season with 11 new players on their roster and only 6 returning players. This is the making of a brand new team and era of 76ers basketball. Those Eastern Conference Finals are no longer looking so distant after all.

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