NBA Rumors: Could Gilbert Arenas Play In China?


Gilbert Arenas was at one time one of the best players in basketball. He has not been able to find a team for this coming season, so the NBA Rumors have him taking his talents overseas. Yes, Agent Zero might be coming to a Chinese arena near you.

See, I always like Gilbert.  He was quirky but he was one of the few players in the league who could absolutely go off for 50 on a given night.  There were a couple years where you could have argued that he was easily a top ten player in the league.  However, injuries tend to make you fall off and Arenas basically drove off a cliff.

The injuries he suffered plus the incident with a gun basically turned him into a locker room poison.  Throw in a insane contract and you have the recipe for a guy who no one wants, even if he does have all the talent in the world.

This could be a dangerous move for Arenas.  If he heads overseas and plays poorly or gets hurt, there is no chance he returns to the league this year.  However, he could also dominate on the court and get a lot of attention back in the states.  That would almost certainly lead to a new contract.

Hopefully Agent Zero can find a team and he can resume playing soon.  Although he is not as good as he once was, he can still be entertaining on and off the court.