32 Thoughts Entering Training Camp

By Trisity Miller
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

For those who have been counting down, the NBA season has arrived. While the first game isn’t until next week, teams are preparing for training camp and what better way to start the year, than to look at 32 things entering the season.

Atlanta Hawks – Does anybody know how good the Hawks will be this year? I mean honestly.
Boston Celtics – This team is so bent on beating the Miami Heat, but they may want to worry about the other contenders in the East first.
Brooklyn Nets –  How good can this team be? No one expects them to win it all, but are they a shoe-in to make it pass the first round?
Charlotte Bobcats – They won seven games last year. Is 15 asking for too much this year?
Chicago Bulls – Though this team is already looking past this season with Derrick Rose expected to return in March, they may still make the playoffs.
Cleveland Cavaliers – We get to see Kyrie Irving for a full 82 games this season. Excited anyone?
Dallas MavericksDirk Nowtizki went to the finals with a Jet/Harris/Howard. He won it all with Jet/Chandler/Kidd. How will he fair with O.J Mayo/Darren Collison/Chris Kaman?
Denver Nuggets – This will undoubtedly be the most fun team to watch this summer. Don’t be surprise if they crash the party in the playoffs for a top seed.
Detroit Pistons – For the Pistons sake, let’s hope Andre Drummond is more Dwight Howard than Greg Oden.
Golden State Warriors – The playoff chances for the Warriors rest on two unreliable ankles. Good luck Warriors fans.
Houston Rockets – I’ve a feeling if this team isn’t winning it won’t matter what Lin is doing. The buzz will die quickly.
Indiana Pacers – With their current core, are the Pacers a top-3 team in the East?
Los Angeles Clippers – The odds of Chris Paul leaving this summer are low, but with a deep playoff run, which is expected, can kill all doubts of him leaving
Los Angeles Lakers –  Like the Heat in their first year, it’s championship (or at least making it) or bust for this star-studded Lakers team.
Memphis Grizzlies – With three years left for the Marc GasolZach RandolphRudy Gay core, you have to wonder if one of the three is moved if this team doesn’t excel in the postseason.
Miami Heat – For the reigning NBA champions, there is only one question: Repeat?
Milwaukee Bucks – Here is Take 2 of whether Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis are compatible stars.
Minnesota Timberwolves – Can this team keep the boat steady until the floor captain Ricky Rubio returns from his ACL injury?
New Orleans Hornets – The road to greatness starts for number one overall pick Anthony Davis.
New York Knicks – If the Carmelo Anthony/Amare Stoudemire thing doesn’t work, again, one has to be traded right?
Oklahoma City Thunder – If the Thunder don’t win it all this year, how long before Kevin Durant becomes the new media scapegoat?
Orlando Magic – Rome wasn’t built in a day, yet it wasn’t built with Arron Afflalo as it’s best player either.
Philadelphia 76ers – After sharing the limelight in LA,  it’s time to see if Andrew Bynum is good enough to be the player that everyone thinks he is and be the star of his own team.
Phoenix Suns
Portland Trailblazers – You have to wonder how good Lamarcus Aldridge would be on a contender.
San Antonio Spurs – We ask the same question every year: Has this team’s window closed? Well I think this is the year it shuts close.
Toronto Raptors – Do not be surprised if this team ends up as the eight seed. They’ve a lot of underrated talent and depth.
Utah Jazz – With Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap being unrestricted free agents this summer, it’s about time the Jazz unleash Derrick Favors.
Washington Wizards – With John Wall (knee) out until possibly late November, have their playoff hopes already gone out the window?

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