Why The San Antonio Spurs Should Consider PF Ed Davis


Last season it was widely speculated that San Antonio Spurs general manager R.C. Buford and head coach Gregg Popovich had plans in place to improve a suspect front-court rotation with the impending retirement of Antonio McDyess.

But Buford and Popovich never utilized this trade asset and the Spurs let McDyess walk away.

Many expected the San Antonio Spurs use McDyess’ partially guaranteed contract in some sort of trade package involving a big-man to start next to Tim Duncan.

What they essentially did was take a glaring weakness and make it worse.

For the Spurs to improve defensively in what has become a watered down Western Conference, they have to obtain a big who can take pressure off of Duncan defensively.

One of the big-men I’m high on is Toronto Raptors’ power forward Ed Davis.  He’s a big-man who could not only start along side Duncan but also eat up thirty minutes per game at the power forward position. And he is the high quality, young, two-way power forward that the Spurs have needed for the last five years.

That being said, that’s a good enough package to where they could potentially get a team to part with a player who’s not necessarily available. One example is Davis, who they were high on going into the ’10 draft. The Raptors are high on him too; as well they should be after his solid, underrated rookie season.

But he’s struggling so far this season, Bargnani and A. Johnson have gone to another level and they have Jonas Valanciunas coming over this season. So they may be able to be talked into trading him.

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