Boston Celtics: Center Kevin Garnett Is Following Doc Rivers Edict

By Rob Nelson
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

BOSTON- During the summer Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers made it clear that he wanted his Boston Celtics to hate the Miami Heat. Rivers made it clear that the coach would be rubbing salt in the wounds and let his players know that the Heat have taken the Celtics out the last two years in a row and that the team goal had to be to get by the defending champs this season. Rivers’s edict to hate the Heat made the Heat the Celtics chief rivals and Celtics enemy number one.

Of course this off-season former Celtics sharp shooter Ray Allen defected to the Heat in a very public and very bitter free agent departure. When one leaves the Celtics and family under less than admirable circumstances and signs with the Celtics chief rival in the Heat, that player becomes part of the enemy. Allen was a free agent and had every right to sign wherever he felt he needed to take his talents. However, Allen left and chose to become a part of the Celtics chief enemy. Allen now must deal with the consequences of his treacherous decision.

One of the consequences for Allen is the simple fact Celtics center and emotional leader Kevin Garnett has simply made a decision of his own. KG has decided to not speak to his former teammate Allen. The fact is Allen is the enemy now and KG knows this fact all too well.

The news of KG’s decision was made public during media day for the Celtics. KG was asked if he had spoken to his former teammate Allen and his response made it clear that KG was going to follow Rivers’s hate the Heat edict. KG’s response was that he lost his former teammates number. KG wishes Allen and his family well and respects his decision, but KG made a decision of his own and that decision was he did not want to speak to his former teammate.

The response from KG should not surprise a single soul. KG is a very loyal guy and his first loyalties are to his team and coach. The fact Allen bolted to the Heat and left his former teammates high and dry, I am guessing does not sit well with KG knowing the fact that he demands a great deal of loyalty from those he surrounds himself with. Rivers made it clear that the Heat were the enemy. KG is loyal to Rivers and will follow any order given by his coach. KG knows that means Allen is the enemy and thus should be treated as such.

The NBA season is just around the corner and a rivalry is already simmering to a boil. The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat will be locking horns to elide the fate of the Eastern Conference Championship. The rivalry has become personal especially to Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Ray Allen is KG’s enemy now. Doc Rivers is getting his hate the Heat message across The season will open with the two former teammates facing each other opening night. I would not plan on seeing a warm embrace between the two. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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