San Antonio Spurs Preview: SG Manu Ginobili And PF/C Tim Duncan

By Chris Hawkins


Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE


Tim Duncan signed on with the San Antonio Spurs for what will likely be his final contract in the NBA and at a bargain too. Age has caught up to the superstar, but he is still one of the better big men in the league today.

During the 2012 NBA Playoffs,  Duncan turned back the clock and bounced back from his previous season, in which he experienced an all time low in points and rebounds.  This year, “The Big Fundamental” finds himself one year older  and be slightly less productive than last season and the one before that.

He is still tough enough to be their centerpiece on defense because of his length and his basketball I.Q.  I expect Duncan’s numbers to slightly decline for two reasons—Popovich will be more cautious in monitoring his minutes. And with the way the Spurs roster is built, they are going to blow a lot teams out in the regular season.

Manu Ginobili

Ginobili started last season on a tear. But he was hampered by a broken hand against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It took a while for Ginobili to get back in rhythm after he came back. But once he did, he was one the Sixth Man of the Year candidates.

I expect him to remain injury-free this seasons for two reasons, it is likely he will start next season coming off the bench and coach Popovich will be expected to monitor his minutes.

Ginobili won’t be a fantasy star but he’ll be much healthier than last season and he’ll be a big part of the Spurs’ excellent second unit.

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