Stephen Jackson: Knicks Have No Style

By Nir Regev

Stephen Jackson bashed the New York Knicks dress sense on Twitter this past Friday. Jackson, whose fashion wardrobe consists of only the finest linens hand crafted by Calvin Klein himself was utterly bewildered at why ‘cats’ like Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler would wear such undignified, dainty clothing.

Straight from Jackson’s Twitter:

Spoken like a true poet, Jackson describes why he doesn’t ‘hang wit nba cats’. They have not found progressive fashion like eyeglasses without lenses and the ever popular and now banned bandaid on face with no injury.

This is why these Knicks are lacking in the championship department but never lacking in the three point field goal percentage column. Well maybe not in the made shots column, but you get the idea.

Tyson Chandler – INSTAGRAM

Take a look at what Jackson, scoffed at, and play fashion police for a moment ala Joan Rivers. Was it really that bad? Looks no worse than what you’ll see out in the nightclubs here in NY, at least they don’t have a Pabst in their hands to finish off the modern age Hipster look. Then Chandler does have a beard. When you’re a Knick you care about fashion, parties, and endorsements. Stuff like defense comes up somewhere inbetween rounds of NBA 2K13 in the locker room. It’s what makes the Knicks great.

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