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Utah Jazz 2012 Post All-Star Break Preview


This the second part of my preview of the 2012 Utah Jazz season. This section is focusing on the season after the All-Star break. During the first part, I have the Jazz going 32-22. I will be breaking down the schedule month to month.

February: There are only four games this month, with the majority of the games being before the all star break. Three of the games are at home and only one game on the road. The big key for this month is to try and find a rhythm going into the long stretch March will bring.

Prediction: 1-3 (33-25 overall)

March: This month is going to make or break the Utah Jazz’s season. The Jazz have no long home stands, have 9 road games, with all of the tough games being on the road. The big key here is to take it one game at a time. The playoffs are very close, so it’s important the Jazz get every single win possible to ensure a playoff seed come April.

Prediction: 9-7 (42-32 overall)

April: With the playoffs taking up the last half of the month, this month is cut to just eight games. Luckily for the Jazz, five of the games are at home.

With games against potential playoff contenders such as the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Jazz must find a way to win these games to get into a good playoff seed, if they make it at all. The key here is to finish stronger. The Jazz in my view should finish even stronger than they did going into the All-Star Break. If they can find a way to secure some huge wins, they should find themselves in the post season.

Prediction: 6-2 (48-34 overall)

If the Jazz do indeed find a way to 48 wins. It would be the first time they hit that total since the 09-10 season, where the team made it as the 5 seed in the Western Conference playoffs. However, with the added depth to the West I don’t see 48 wins landing the Jazz any higher than the 6 seed, which is still an accomplishment for such a young team.

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