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Boston Celtics: Bad Blood Between Kevin Garnett And Ray Allen?

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I always thought for the past few years the Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen had a special bond that would never be tarnished.  They won a championship together in 2008 and very well could have won more during their tenure if the ball bounced their way.  As I am sure everyone is aware, Allen signed with the Miami Heat this off season, leaving the big three, including Paul Pierce, to join Lebron James in Miami.

During the Boston Celtics media day, Garnett said that he no longer talks to Allen and actually deleted his phone number.  Do I believe Garnett?  Not totally sure as I can’t really picture him taking the time from his day to delete someone’s phone number,  but either way, I am sure KG still has a pretty impressive contact list to choose from.

Why the bad blood between Garnett and Allen?  Most thought it was just between Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo and Allen, but KG is new to the picture.  I am sure Garnett isn’t thrilled with Allen signing with their arch rival, but there were never any reported confrontations or arguments between the two.  One has to wonder if Pierce will be the next Celtic to discontinue a relationship with Allen.  Either way it is not a huge deal as Allen has left for the enemy and I would think most Celtics players don’t want much to do with that team anyway.  Garnett and Pierce have a new cast of characters this year, and as I have alluded to in past articles, this crew is much better, especially those who are replacing Allen.

Courtney Lee and Jason Terry are both better all-around players than Allen and even though they might not be as good shooters as Allen, they are fairly close.  Allen is arguably the greatest three point shooter of all time, so it really isn’t a disappointment to Lee or Terry for not being in the same conversation as him.  Both, however, are more than capable three point shooters who can do more to benefit a team than Allen can at this juncture in his career.  It will be really fascinating in particular to see Lee run the floor with Rondo, and at the same time, providing the team with the fresh legs that it has craved over the past few years.

Garnett is no longer talking with Allen, but that is okay, because he has a really good cast of teammates that he can talk to instead.


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