Boston Celtics: Could Josh Smith be a fit?

By Rob Lunder
Josh Smith, Celtics

I have noticed a lot of articles written lately speculating about the Boston Celtics potentially trading for Atlanta Hawks disgruntled forward Josh Smith.  The Celtics have been linked to him pretty frequently over the past few years and it obviously would be a great fit depending on what the team would have to give up in return.  Smith is a great player and running the floor with point guard Rajon Rondo might be a pretty good dream, especially with him and Rondo being close friends.  At this point in time I really can’t see any scenario where that could happen.

Smith is going to want a substantial raise soon and his current salary would be very difficult for the Celtics to swallow.  The only way I think it would work at this current moment would be in a trade involving Paul Pierce.  Throwing Atlanta a collection of parts that would include Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo would not be remotely close in terms of matching up salaries.  Plus, who says Atlanta would want a package like that in return?  If I am Hawks GM Danny Ferry, I am asking for the moon in return for a young, athletic power forward who still could have a little room for improvement.

I think that if the Celtics are going to make changes during the season, it will be small ones, like the team signing P.J. Brown during the 2008 championship run.  Brown was a huge signing for the team and was a big reason they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers to win the title.

I think Josh Smith is a really good player and would be a great fit for the Celtics.  I have always been a fan of Smith, starting back to the days where he originally committed to Indiana University before eventually deciding to enter the NBA Draft out of high school.  As a Hoosier alum, it would have been great to see Smith in an IU uniform, but he obviously did what he thought was best for himself and his family.

The Celtics don’t seem to be a trade fit at the current moment, but I am sure GM Danny Ainge can come up with something creative if he feels he can get him.  It would be surprising, however, if Smith wasn’t dealt at some point this season.  It is just a matter of when and to which team.


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