Golden State Warriors 2012-2013 Player Profile: PG Stephen Curry

By Steven Resnick
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors

Since Stephen Curry was taken with the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors have made a number of necessary changes. One of the biggest moves happened during the 2011-2012 season as Andrew Bogut came over through a trade from the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Monta Ellis.

While the trade at the time did not go over very well with the fans, it allowed for Klay Thompson to gain valuable experience and become the starting shooting guard in 2012-2013.

Offensively, it means a transition to a more traditional offense and one that relies on getting the ball into the post. With David Lee and Bogut, who can play a high low, it allows for Brandon Rush or Harrison Barnes, Thompson and Curry to space the floor to get open looks.

The opportunity to run fast break will still be there, yet no longer a priority as it once was.

By moving the ball better and making an effort to get the ball into the post, Curry’s assist numbers will go up as he has a tremendous advantage with Lee being able to hit a mid-range jumper, Bogut in the post and Thompson, Rush or Barnes being able to shoot from the perimeter.

Another benefit is that Jarrett Jack came via trade from the New Orleans Hornets and provides a capable backup, which means he won’t have to play heavy minutes and leads will be safe.

Obvious strengths for Curry are his shooting, passing ability and hustle. Weaknesses include not staying healthy, being too unselfish and not being a strong defender.

Expect him to get 30-35 minutes per game, 16-20 points, 7-9 assists, 3-5 rebounds, 1-2 steals, on 47-50 percent shooting from the field, 42-45 percent from beyond the arc and 90 plus percent from the free throw line.


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