Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers Hopes To Recapture "Ubuntu" On Overseas Trip

By Rob Nelson
Greg M Cooper – US PRESSWIRE

Boston- Ubuntu is a word that very means very simply I can only be all I can be if you are all you can be. The Boston Celtics have long tried to engrain Ubuntu into their players as the sole team mindset in order to create a family like environment with an all in attitude for the players and coaches. In 2008 the tight knit Celtics that won an NBA title credit an overseas bonding trip in Rome as the foundation for the group truly embracing ubuntu and forging a tight unit capable of winning an NBA title.

The next couple of years the ubuntu word was still thrown around the Boston Celtics organization, but the team looked like it did not have that same tight knit feeling that it had in 07-08. The lack of true dedication to ubuntu by the Celtics was a contributing factor to the team not getting the job done in there quest for Banner 18.

This season the Celtics are looking to recapture the true Ubuntu feeling by once again scheduling a trip to Europe with games in Turkey and Italy. Head coach Doc Rivers as well as veterans like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo are looking forward to the bonding experience of being away from all the distractions of home and thus being able to truly focus on bonding as a team.

The fact is the Celtics are only playing three games against inferior completion during this trip and thus the practice and game time experience is not that huge. However, the fact that the team is away from their families, friends, agents, and other distractions means that the Celtics will get a chance to get to know one another and truly bond. After practice or games, they only have each other to hang out with. This means that true chemistry should form rather quickly.

Many times a team that is the most tight knit has a very successful season that culminates in an NBA title. The tight knit Celtics of 08 won and are proof of this fact. Boston is hoping that this current trip forges the same strong bond the last Celtics European trip created. If the bonds and Ubuntu feelings are formed, then Boston will be title contenders in 2013. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!


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