Brooklyn Nets Media Day

By John J. Paolantonio

The Brooklyn Nets held Media Day at the brand new Barclays Center yesterday and the scene was ripe with expectations.  The entire team joked with one another and answered all the questions about this new team over and over again as they took pictures and talked to the press.

The Nets introduced the starting lineup and allowed each of them to speak to the media in succession to get their views on the upcoming season.

The mood was light from the start as the leader of the team, Deron Williams, sat in the front row of the press while head coach Avery Johnson was being interviewed.  Williams waited until all other reporters peppered Johnson with questions before he asked the question that all of New York wants to know.  Williams was given the microphone and stated his affiliation as the Deron Williams News and asked Johnson “Who is the best team in New York?”  Johnson jokingly responded that Williams was the one millionth person to ask him that question and went on to gush about Williams and his championship hunger following his second gold medal.

One important statement in that humorous moment with Williams was when Johnson noted, “The Nets goals are to win an NBA championship and not a city championship.”

This is a very important concept that this “new look” Nets team must grasp quickly as they go into this season filled with expectations.  The end result is to gain what the Miami Heat currently have right now and not to just own New York.

Joe Johnson went to the podium and made some very upfront comments about winning right away and not waiting its turn.  Johnson stated “I think we have a chance to win the whole thing this year,” and added “I’m not just saying it. I honestly believe it.”

Brook Lopez followed Johnson and made it known once again that he always wanted to stay a Net and never wavered.  He reiterated to the press “I love being a Net. I was drafted a Net — it’s the only thing I’ve known. I wanted to be in Brooklyn.”

This attitude is exactly what the Nets need from each and every player as they leave New Jersey behind and start the journey of bringing Brooklyn basketball back.

Brooklyn has a new home team for the first time since 1957 and people are excited.

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