Keyon Dooling is Retiring For His Sanity

By michaelnoble
Keyon Dooling with the Celtics
Howard Smith-US Presswire


At 32 years of age, Keyon Dooling is still relatively young and can still play at a pretty high level. After finding a home with the Boston Celtics, Dooling was supposed to continue his career with the Celtics this year. But, as fate would have it, Dooling decided to retire in order to spend time with his family.

It doesn’t end there though, in a tell-all interview reported recently, Dooling has opened up some jarring revelations that was is in parts depressing, and in parts inspirational. The gist of the interview was that he endured many physical, psychological and mental crosses that lead him to where he was now. Brutally blunt and honest, he bravely shared parts of his life you wouldn’t expect from an NBA player like him. His story was troubling, his honesty refreshing, and yet as he opened up his life in this interview, all I can say was that I was in awe.

Dooling shared parts of his life that was utterly heartbreaking, he shares that he was abused physically, sexually and mentally as a child by strangers and by people he knew. He drew his own strength from blocking out his own problems and selflessly choosing to help others and be an adviser for many of his teammates and peers.

A fiercely loyal and intelligent young man, he was selfless and helpful to a fault. He helped many of his teammates wherever he went. It came to a point that he gave out more than he could bare. He stated that it felt like he was underappreciated and that he was giving too much without getting anything back. It took a mental breakdown for him to decide to walk away from the game that he loved dearly and was very good to him.

But now, he is ready to move on with the next chapter of his life. Armed with a loving family and a support system of peers and friends, he can move on with his head held high knowing he did everything for the game he loved.

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