New York Knicks: Laughable NBA 2K13 Player Rankings

By Thomas Duffy
Nicole Sweet – US PRESSWIRE

The makers of 2K Games have made a bold statement with their rankings of the New York Knicks on NBA 2K13. To give you a gauge of how players are ranked: Michael Jordan is a 99, LeBron James is a 98, Dwyane Wade is a 93, Kobe Bryant is a 93, Derrick Rose is a 92, and Deron Williams is a 90. I would deem those rankings to be accurate, but New York’s roster is all over the place. Here is how 2K ranks the Knicks:

Carmelo Anthony – 92
Amare Stoudemire – 84
Jason Kidd – 80
Iman Shumpert – 80
Tyson Chandler – 77
J.R Smith – 75

Chandler is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year! A 77 is ridiculously low for a player of his ability. I understand that he can struggle offensively at times, but he does what he needs to do for the Knickerbockers- play defense and make an occasional layup. Chandler’s ranking is even more glaring when you look at who is ranked above him: Kidd. Kidd is a 39 year-old backup point guard; his 80 ranking is equal to Shumpert’s! Shump’ should be at least an 85, in my opinion. Also, to put it into perspective, Jeremy Lin is a 77. Last season, Lin averaged 14 PPG-6 APG-3 RPG, while Kidd averaged 6 PPG-5 APG-4 RPG. Just saying.

I will concede that ranking Stoudemire at a modest 84 is fair. He had a low quality season by his standards last year. Smith’s inconsistent shooting and sometimes lackluster defense warrants his ranking of 75.

You may be reading this, and thinking “If you’re so smart then how would rank them?” Well, you’re in luck because I’ll be happy to tell you! Here is how I would rank the Knickerbockers:

Carmelo Anthony – 96
Iman Shumpert – 86
Tyson Chandler – 85
A’mare Stoudemire – 83
J.R. Smith – 80
Jason Kidd – 72

I can’t wait to play 2K13 with my favorite team. Hopefully the real Knicks will outplay their digital counterparts in 2012-2013.

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