NBA Rumors: Rick Adelman Doubts Brandon Roy Can Play

By michaelnoble
Brandon Roy When he was still with the Trailblazers
Steve Dykes-US Presswire

Signing a player who was supposedly retired because of a debilitating injury is tough. It is a really risky move that could pay dividends or be a massive disappointment in the end. This is why the Brandon Roy signing is a very intriguing one. In one hand, 75% of Roy is already miles ahead of whatever shooting guard the Minnesota Timberwolves had in recent years. But if Roy misses an extended amount of time, his signing would’ve been for nothing. The only advantage the Timberwolves have on this situation is that they can waive his contract if he cannot play 65+ games in the 2012-13 season.

What is even more interesting is head coach Rick Adelman seems to echo these sentiments. In a recent interview from owner Glen Taylor, he was quoted as saying that Adelman has told him that he didn’t know if Roy can play. This new development is interesting because Roy could be the best two guard the Timberwolves will have in a long time, but if the coach doesn’t trust him, then he could very well be a bench warmer in many of the games in the new season.

Roy will be given plenty of opportunities to prove he can still play. It is now all on him if he can prove his worth as a basketball player. He has a good basketball mind and is savvy, so he could work that into his game as he tries to reinvent himself. Otherwise, if he gets injured once again and he is unable to play for extended minutes, then the Timberwolves can go back to the drawing board and look after another two-guard who can help this young team reach the playoffs.

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