Eric Gordon’s Knee Will Keep Him Out of Practice

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

With training camp just getting under way, the New Orleans Hornets were given some rough news as their newly resigned, up and coming, star shooting guard Eric Gordon’s right knee is hurting. This is the same knee that kept him out of the majority of last season, so the team has wisely decided to sideline him until he recovers. He will be extremely limited in practice in the coming days until he is better.

The newly signed 58 million dollar guard is expected to be the team’s leading scorer, so it is best to make sure that he does not hurt his right knee further. This is because if they lose him for any regular season games, the team could struggle, as he is the team’s star player on offense. Missing time in training camp will hurt as the team has quite a few new pieces and he may miss a lot of the meshing that the team needs in order to be successful, which will occur during these coming days and weeks. Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers, Ryan Anderson and Robin Lopez are all major pieces in the Hornets’ rotation and are all new to the team, but having Gordon healthy is more important than instant chemistry.

The seventh overall pick in 2008, Gordon has become a fantastic overall player in the NBA, with great ball-handling skills, elite shooting, an ability to create his own shot, distribute and is very capable on defense, despite his relatively short size for an NBA shooting guard. The Hornets are definitely one of the fastest rising teams in the league because of all of the moves made by management, but without Gordon they would struggle, so getting Gordon healthy is the team’s main concern. Here is to hoping he gets better and is ready for the year.

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