Dwyane Wade Leaves Jordan Brand

By Aime Mukendi
US Presswire-Steve Mitchell

Dwyane Wade will no longer be representing the Jordan brand. And this might mean more than him no longer wearing sneakers with the illustrious jump man symbol.

Wade seems to be further away from the 2006 NBA Finals MVP and closer to a retired NBA superstar. From writing his book to his lack of explosiveness, quickness, and ability to dominate a game, Wade seems like he has lost a step and inching closer to life after basketball.

It might be valid to say that Wade is no longer the best basketball player from Chicago. It’s been noted that the Miami Heat are no longer his team.  According to ESPN writers Wade is no longer a top five player in the league.

Is ‘Flash’ really gone?

Wade did struggle with family issues and knee injuries throughout the Heat’s title run. Wade did average 26.5 points per game, seven rebounds per game, and just over five assists per game during the 2011 NBA Finals. Wade was still the closer on the team. Doesn’t he deserve a break? Wasn’t this just the year of LeBron James?

The answer is far from clear.

Wade can arguably be  mentioned among the greatest shooting guards in NBA history and the two best of all-time were leading their teams to championships at age 30. That being Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant who at age 30 were still in their prime and the best player in the league at that time. Jordan had won three straight titles and Bryant had won his first league MVP and led the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Finals. But neither played with a 27 year old who was better.

Without a doubt Wade’s legacy seems to be the one being most damaged by the coronation of King James. After knee surgery and a stress less home life Wade should have a much more productive season but he seems to be aging quicker than expected.

First his knees, now his sneaks, leaving Jordan for Li-Ning might just be another step up the ladder of retirement for Wade.


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