Lawrence Frank Wants Detroit Pistons To Win Pretty Or Ugly, Just Win



Lawrence Frank makes one thing clear in his second season with the Detroit Pistons: He’s out to get wins, pretty and ugly.

When teams have struggled for wins in past seasons, Frank realizes you can’t be picky about how you get the W. He learned that after a press conference last season following a Pistons win in which a reporter asked him what it was like to win “ugly.” Granted, it came against a struggling Charlotte Bobcats team. But so what? Ever hear of the expression a win’s a win…an old cliché but a good one.

Frank, noticeably irritated at the question, was quick to respond:

“How is it ugly? I think we had some good stops and ran the floor. I call that winning basketball,” he replied. “I don’t think it is ugly. We got out with the win.”

Pistons veteran Jonas Jerebko seconds the thought.

“You have to respect every team,” he said. “It’s the NBA. There are professionals on every team and everybody can score the ball. We just came out with a win and played together and came out with  some big stops and baskets.”

Frank and the Pistons during their preseason camp want to search for ways they can develop a team that can win the tight games down the stretch.

“We just didn’t finish on offense down the stretch,” second-year guard Brandon Knight said of last season. “We fought hard but had a couple of bad bounces and let them finish possessions after we played good defense. I had a lot of opportunities (when) we played a lot of pick and roll. That gave me a chance to shoot since I had open shots.”

The Pistons struggle to score when they have poor ball movement or lack of it, Knight said.

“We just need to move it better and not just dribble,” he said.


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