Mario Chalmers Wants More Respect

By Aime Mukendi
US Presswire-Steve Mitchell

Mario Chalmers wants LeBron James to show him more respect.

Chalmer has come out and said that he is not fond of the way James throughout the 2011-2012 season yelled and chastised him on the basketball court. Dwyane Wade and James said that Chalmers was like their “little brother” but for most of the Miami Heat championship season Chalmers was more like James’s son.

Chalmers has publicly said that he feels James sometimes crosses the line because they have played together for such a short period of time and aren’t close enough for James to speak to Chalmers any kind of way.

But how can you tell a 3-time NBA MVP, 2-time Gold medalist, reigning NBA champion, and reigning NBA Finals MVP to change how he treats his teammates? Even if Chalmers did not like the way James spoke to him, it certainly worked.

James was asked if he would “alter” how he spoke to Chalmers and did not seem too convinced that he should change his ways.

“If he’s grown up in the last year then it will tone down,” James said. “It’s that simple. If he doesn’t want that type of reaction from me… .”

James paused mid-sentence.

“I could do a better job of that as well,” James said. “I understand that, but I don’t do it just to do it. He messes up sometimes.”

James is right. Chalmers makes more mistakes than other Heat players and since he is a young player sometimes he needs to be spoken to. Yet James has no right to treat him as a personal door mat.

James has finally realized what it takes to lead a team to an NBA title. Kobe Bryant calls out teammates on and off the court and so does Dirk Nowitzki. As the leader of a team and star player James must call out teammates but maybe he shouldn’t call out the same teammate as often.


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