New York Knicks Sign Wally Szczerbiak As TV Analyst

By Nir Regev

You heard it here first!

The New York Knicks have acquired the services of one Wally Szczerbiak, but not to serve in their starting line up.. Yet… Carmelo Anthony better watch out ’cause Wally is coming back for that number one spot! After all, The Knicks can never have too many three point specialists.

Szczerbiak, will be joining the ranks of MSG Network’s analysts replacing Kelly Tripucka as head analyst of the latest myriad of blown defensive assignments and half court shots with 23.7 seconds on the clock, we’ve come to know and love as the Knicks playing at the Garden.

Straight from the Twitter:

It’s only a matter of time now. Ole’ Wally is in standby mode, ready to come in and fill the Knicks three point shot deficiency as needed. The question is: Are you ready? Knicks telecasts are about to go into overdrive, James Dolan is going all out this time. No expense too large! No vision too vast!

Money is of no object, except when it involves a fresh, youthful Asian lad. Anything under the age of 30 has no place on this squad! The Knicks need seasoned veterans, one ready to watch Matlock and get up for early morning specials at IHOP. The Knicks need players who can get off the bench, but only for 10 minutes a game. This team is prime and ready, this ain’t no treadmill team. No sir! Championship contenders, all the way baby!

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