Blake Griffin Mirrors Michael Jordan

By Kaylyn Neely

Remember when, in the fourth quarter of the movie Space Jam, Michael Jordan needed to make the game winning shot to get the NBA players they’re talents back from the Monstars? It was definitely the most clutch moment in the history of basketball.

If you haven’t seen Space Jam since 1996 because you’re an adult and stuff, here is a little refresher.

It seems Blake Griffin has been catching up on some old basketball movies this summer while recovering from knee surgery because he has definitely found inspiration from Space Jam.

When you’re jumping over a Kia Optima and a 7 foot tall All-Star power forward in your rookie season like Griffin did, then impossible dunks from cartoon movies are the next logical step. During a Los Angeles Clippers scrimmage at USC‘s Galen Center, Griffin performed the MJ arm stretch dunk, in real life.

If that MJ inspired move wasn’t enough for one night, Griffin finished off the evening by doing 70 pushups and then making a 75-foot shot across the basketball court.

Griffin might just be the only basketball player who does cool stuff in real life than he does in NBA2k13. Except maybe Justin Bieber. The Biebs is at his best in avatar form, where he cannot be heard.

Throughout their young and developing careers, Griffin and his teammate DeAndre Jordan, have faced consistent criticism about their game outside the paint. Griffin ranked 14th in ESPN’s recent ranking of the best players in the league. This is up four places from his rookie season, when he was ranked 10th.

Griffin told the Los Angeles Times, “I get the most satisfaction out of doing things people say I can’t do,” Griffin said. “So, as you can imagine, that’s a lot. So I’ve got a lot of motivation right now.”



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