Boston Celtics: Coach Doc Rivers Gets What He Needs In Game Against Turkish Team Fenerbahce Ulker

By Rob Nelson

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers is usually not very happy with a losing performance from his Celtics. The hatred of losing has made the Celtics one of the best teams in the NBA during Rivers tenure as head coach.

However, I am willing to bet that the Celtics preseason loss to the Turkish team Fenerbahce Ulker did not hurt Rivers’s feelings too much. The simple fact is I believe Rivers realizes this loss will help the Celtics more than a win would have helped the team.

Let me remind everyone that this game was a preseason game. This game was also the first real game like action for a group of Celtics that have not played with each other and are clearly not in game shape yet. The team also played a Turkish team in Fenerbahce Ulker that many consider the best team in Europe that is playing with the best player in Europe right now in point guard Bo McCalebb.

Fenerbahce has played together already four times as much as Boston and are already a functioning unit unlike Boston. I liken it to two guys racing a one hundred meter and one guy is already starting on the seventy five meter line while the other is at the beginning.

I am also guessing that this game meant more to them than it did to Boston and that is why they played with a lot more energy than Boston did. However, does one not believe the energy level for the Celtics would have been different if one Kevin Garnett had played more than ten minutes?

How about if the Celtics starters like Brandon Bass (19 minutes) Rajon Rondo (30 minutes) and Paul Pierce (26 minutes) would have seen there usual healthy dose of minutes, does one think the outcome might have been a lot different?

Rivers knows all these facts. The best part is for Rivers is he does not have to care. This loss to a non NBA team is prime ammunition to fire at his team. These Boston Celtics think they re ready to contend for an NBA title? The Celtics cannot even beat a Turkish team that half the players cannot pronounce.

Rivers now can put his team to work. Rivers can make them run more and get in better condition. If they cannot match Fenerbahce Ulker’s energy level than how do they expect to compete with the NBA’s elite. Rivers can put his team through defensive drill after defensive drill after his team struggled with the pick and roll defense and they cannot utter a word after McCalebb torched them with great pick and roll offense.

The fact is this loss is excellent motivation for the Boston Celtics. The Celtics now know that they need to work on a few aspects on the defensive end and in the training room in order to reach their potential. A prideful group like Boston must also be stinging from losing to a non NBA team. All these factors should spurn the Celtics on to better results in the future. In the preseason that is all a coach wants.

This is why my money is on Rivers not frowning too much after this loss.

Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!

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