Boston Celtics: Forward Jared Sullinger Shines In A Loss

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- The Boston Celtics and coach Doc Rivers have only seen a couple months of rookie Jared Sullinger. The good news for the Celtics is in the short time Sullinger has been nothing short of impressive with the Celtics first preseason game being no exception for Sullinger’s solid exploits.

While the Celtics would fall to the Turkish team Fenerbahce Ulker, Sullinger gave the Celtics plenty to be pleased about. Sullinger looked anything but like a rookie as he showed off some impressive skills. These skills helped Sullinger finish with a very impressive 16 points (co led the team in points with Jeff Green) and 8 rebounds (led team).

The impressive part was not the stats Sullinger put up, but the way he put his numbers. Sullinger would establish his post presence early and never relinquish it. Sullinger would fight for position and display a great nose for the ball as he grabbed rebounds with ease. The same fighting for position would allow Sullinger to get himself deep in the post. Once Sullinger was deep in the post, his teammates would find him for easy scores as Sullinger would make his man look foolish with some great moves. The scary part of the whole post experience for Sullinger was the calmness and ease that Sullinger displayed as he carved his positioning out and then proceeded to not rush the play and make the right move to get the score.

The bottom line is Sullinger is showing that he is the real deal. Sullinger has all the tools to really help the Celtics win with solid post scoring and rebounding. If there are any doubts the rookie is going to make the rotation, a few more games like this and Rivers will have no choice , but to play Sullinger. If Sullinger’s performance thus far is any indication as he has dominated the summer league and now is playing solid in the preseason, then one can plan on Sullinger making more of these statement games the rest of the way to earn a spot. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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