Mark Cuban Buys Website In A Maximum Trolling Effort

By Nir Regev

In a move that can only be described as one of the greatest trolls of our time, Mark Cuban has purchased the domain, and promptly redirected it to the Dallas Mavericks homepage.

This is a troll for the ages, especially since it was brought upon by a billionaire mogul with enough time on his hands to run game on Brooklyn. That’s right, Mikhail Prokhorov’s Brooklyn Nets will now suffer the fate of having their debut spoiled by Cuban’s wildcard: the good old domain switcharoo.

Speculation is now amok on why Cuban chose to do this, but if one were to look at his relationship (or lack thereof) with fellow billionaire Prokhorov, things make perfect sense. For one, Cuban and Prokhorov had been engaged in a cold war of sorts over free agents Deron Williams and Dwight Howard for quite sometime, dating back to last summer.

Cuban, is clearly not a fan of the #HelloBrooklyn campaign, and he certainly doesn’t take kindly to Prokhorov succeeding to extend his star point guard. One Cuban had greatly lusted to obtain to replace the void left behind by Steve Nash and most recently Jason Kidd.

Cuban, was also more than a little annoyed with Prokhorov’s taunting over the summer and declarations of physical dominance.

“Let the best man win,” “If he wins, I will crush him with the kickboxing throwdown.” – Mikhail Prokhorov

This is not the first, nor will it be the last time these two billionaires feud with each other. As they bring their 1% lives into the public, which side will the the rest of the 99% pauper population of America side with?

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