Pacers Forward Danny Granger To Be Limited With Knee Injury

By joshdhani
Danny Granger October 2012

The Indiana Pacers are set to roll this season with an improved team that looks to be stronger contenders for an NBA championship after falling short in the second round to the eventual-champion Miami Heat last season.

Led by Danny Granger, the Pacers look to continue rallying off of him along with their other multiple pieces that include Roy Hibbert, Paul George, David West and George Hill.

With training camp and about three weeks away from the team’s regular season-opener, the Pacers look to get as much work done with their first training camp together under head coach Frank Vogel. Last season, they never had that chance to work together, thanks to an NBA lockout. However, they were able to do very well without that and can do even better now as they have a chance to work together.

However, for Granger, he may need to some rest before the season-opener comes with a bugging knee injury, reports Indianapolis Star‘s Mike Wells. According to Wells, the Pacers have been trying to limit the 29-year-old’s practice time so he can heal enough for the regular season, as they don’t want to add any more trouble than he has right now with it.

“It is frustrating,” he said. “I’m just glad we still have plenty of time before the first game (on Oct. 31). I’m still conditioned, and when I’m on the court, my wind isn’t that bad.”

The knee injury came during the playoff series with the Heat, but it improved significantly until he hurt it again while doing some workouts in Los Angeles towards the end of the summer. With that, his pre-season games will be limited most likely as well.

“We’re at the point now where they work me and work me some more and then I recover,” Granger said. “Then I’ll work some more and recover some more. I can do more and more as time goes on.”

Vogel says that backup Sam Young will be playing a lot more during this time, as he will be backing up Granger for much of the season. Along with that, it gives Young a chance for his feel with his new team as he works with the squad’s second unit for the much year.

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