Sacramento Kings Pre-Season Predictions: Games 1-3

By cdisturco
Keith Smart
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As the NBA season is coming closer, training camp has kicked off. But on October 10th, the Sacramento Kings will start their pre-season against the Phoenix Suns. The Kings will showcase rookie Thomas Robinson in this game, along with new additions Aaron Brooks and James Johnson. But how will pre-season play out? Who will show their potential? Well let’s take a deeper look at Sacramento, and predict the outcome of games 1-3.

Game One: Sacramento Kings vs. Phoenix Suns: In this game, the Suns will start their season without long time Point Guard Steve Nash. They will put their trust in their rookie guard, Kendall Marshall, who was pretty decent with the North Carolina Tar Heels. But when you expect a rookie to lead your team into the playoffs, it rarely happens. Even Kyrie Irving couldn’t turn around the Cleveland Cavaliers. So in their first game without Nash, I expect Sacramento to take advantage of it and beat them.

Usually in the first game, teams won’t play their stars more than 15 minutes, so Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins might not make an impact. Keith Smart wants to improve the Sacramento defense and make them a playoff potential team, so expect a hard working Kings team to fight for the win. I predict game one’s outcome to be Kings 92 – Suns 86.

Game Two: Sacramento Kings vs. Portland Trail Blazers: Game two will be on October 15th, as the Sacramento Kings will be home facing the Portland Trail Blazers. In this game, the Trail Blazers will have rookies Meyers Leonard and Damian Lillard showcase their talents, as they are both very talented. Portland now added two great players to their already decent team, as Leonard will now play alongside with LaMarcus Aldridge and Lillard to play with Wesley Matthews. To me, the Trail Blazers defined themselves as a playoff threat with these draft picks, so watch out!

The Kings on the other hand will play hard, but could end up losing by a good amount of points. They have a good chance for slipping right into the playoffs, but they won’t have the luxury of clinching a berth early like Portland. I expect the Kings to play Evans and Cousins more, but that still won’t give them a better chance. I predict game two’s outcome to be Kings 84 – Trail Blazers 98.

Game Three: Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors: Game three will not be similar to game two, as it will be a big dogfight. Sacramento will face the Golden State Warriors, and this game will be a very good game. This game will highlight rookies such as Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green, and Thomas Robinson. These rookies have pretty high expectations, and I expect them to play exceptionally well. Watch out for the matchup of Barnes and Evans, as both players will look to stop any offensive production.

The Kings will look to win this game after their projected loss vs. Portland. I expect Cousins and Robinson to destroy the Warriors down low, and the Kings to pull away in the final minutes. The Warriors and Kings will have a big rivalry as both teams will fight for that last playoff spot. I predict game three’s outcome to be Kings 96 – Warriors 90.

By: Charlie DiSturco

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