New Orleans Hornets 2013 Predictions (Part 1)

By Michael Elworth

1.Anthony Davis Wins Rookie of the Year

– Anthony Davis is about as big of a favorite for the Rookie of the Year as there can be, after being named the National Player of the Year, Final Four MVP, winning a national championship and being the first overall pick. He was even given the opportunity to play on the Gold Medal winning U.S. Olympic team. He already has an amazing résumé and he has yet to step on an NBA court. He also goes to a team where he is considered the possible savoir and will be given all the playing time he can handle and will be thrust into a big role. He has an NBA ready game and is as NBA ready as a rookie can be. With his elite skills he will win ROY.

2. Eric Gordon Leads Team in Scoring and is in NBA Top 8 In Category

– The first part of this prediction is not much of a stretch as he is the top offensive player on the team and will be the go to player on offense. The Hornets to do not have too many offensive threats and he will be relied upon to carry the offense on many nights. His all around fantastic offensive game, should add up to a huge season statistically and he will be in the top 8 in scoring per game at around 22 points per game.

3. The Hornets Will Be in Top Half of NBA In Defense

– The team has actually assembled a squad with a lot of quality defenders, starting with Anthony Davis, who will immediately become one of the league’s best. They also have Robin Lopez, Al Farouq Aminu, Xavier Henry and Eric Gordon, who are all plus defenders. Add in a coach in Monty Williams, who will hold them accountable and the Hornets will be one of the 15 best defensive teams in the NBA.

4. Austin Rivers Will Be In Top 10 of Rookies In PPG

– Rivers is an exceptional talent on the offensive side of the ball and has a gift at scoring the basketball. He should receive plenty of playing time at both point guard and shooting guard and will easily be one of the top scoring rookies.

5. New Orleans Hornets Will Win 40% Percent or More of Games

– In the Hornets’ first post-Chris Paul season, they had a winning percentage of 31.8%, last in the Western Conference, but after all of the moves they made in the off-season the team is much improved and will win at least 40% of their games.

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