Indiana Pacers Already Seeing Ticket-Sales Increasing This Season

By joshdhani
Pacers Fans October 2012
Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

The Indiana Pacers have suffered tremendously since their slumping streak of four-to-five years after the Reggie Miller era faded away. With that, the Pacers got hit badly with the attendance dipping year-after-year and they soon found themselves with the lowest in the NBA and their profit slipping.

However, the Pacers are back on top and have the best team we’ve seen in years. The Pacers were able to get ticket-sales rolling last season when they finished third in the Eastern Conference. Though they were still in the bottom of the league, this year should be something new.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse has already installed a huge, 50-feet HD screen television for their fans in the middle of the court, which is like the NBA-equivalent of what the NFL‘s Dallas Cowboys have in their stadium. And with a strong team looking to be one of the best in the league again this year, the Pacers could be back to seeing their arena seats filled.

The Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis Business Journal have already said that the ticket-sales have increased significantly already, with season-ticket sales already at its highest in years. Pacers fans have already seen some perks involved, like being a part of a community in the arena like “Area 55” or the “G2 Zone,” which gives fans the ultimate experience to interact with the players and the team as a whole.

Indiana is always known as a basketball state and they will forever be so. However, this past decade has largely been dominated by football, thanks to the Indianapolis Colts‘ big success under the Peyton Manning era. The Colts won’t be seeing the playoffs for a while, or at least until next season. Sports fans in Indiana are lucky enough to see that their basketball team is back on the rise now.

With ticket prices already increased at 30-percent, it looks to be a good season for Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the franchise.

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