Toronto Raptors Player Profile: Jose Calderon

By Craig Ballard
Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

Jose Calderon is about to begin his 8th season as a PG for the Toronto Raptors. This guy has been very good for the Raps, but in many eyes not good enough.

An annual issue in Toronto has become either trading Calderon, or bringing in a player to ultimately replace him. T.J. Ford, Jerryd Bayless, Jarrett Jack, Roko Ukic, Darrick Martin, Marcus Banks, and Will Soloman were all brought in the past few years to either play in tandem with Calderon, or have an eye on replacing Calderon. Recently the Raps tried like crazy to land Steve Nash, and did end up adding Kyle Lowry. There have also been multiple trades that ended up breaking down which would have landed Calderon elsewhere.

Jose was vocal this past off-season with his anger at all the attempts to trade him or replace him. It has been going on for years, but to his credit Calderon is always a team-first guy. Every person has their breaking point, and for Calderon he is sick of the attempts to replace him at this point. GM Bryan Colangelo has not given in to Calderon’s request to be traded, yet, but we know he will man the phones and be willing to discuss offers for Calderon.

The main issue these days is he is not a good defender, and that is what Dwane Casey covets most.

On the offensive end Calderon is terrific. He is a pass-first PG who looks to create for teammates first and foremost. He averages 10 points per game, but his strength is as a facilitator. Calderon has been tops in the NBA for assists-to-turnovers ratio an impressive 3 times in the past 5 seasons. He does not force his own offense. He takes good shots which is why his field goal percentage is excellent. He has a career 3-ball percentage of 38%. Impressive. He is one of the all-time best free-throw shooters.

His attitude is great so we can see why he is still a Raptors player, but he may require some sort of vote of confidence for him because at this point I am sure he is constantly looking over his shoulder wondering when the next attempt to replace him may come. I hope they keep Calderon (unless the return package makes a lot of sense for the Raps). In this day and age a team-first guy like he is can be rare.

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