Tracy McGrady Will Play In China This Season

By Riley Schmitt

Remember when Tracy McGrady was an All-Star? Man, those were the days. T-Mac played for the Atlanta Hawks last season but this season he will be taking his talents overseas. He has agreed to a deal with Qingdao of the Chinese Basketball Association.

This is an interesting turn of events for a guy who used to be one of the best scorers in basketball.  Age and injuries have taken their toll and no team was able to commit a roster spot for him.  He might never play in America again and that would give us an interesting legacy.

In his prime, T-Mac was one of the most dangerous players on the court.  You could not let him heat up or else you would face the consequences.  He was that good of a scorer but he had some other issues.  For whatever reason, he was simply not good enough to carry a team into the playoffs and have success.  His struggles in the first round are well known, but that could also be contributed to a less than stellar roster around him.

I will always remember the T-Mac who could put up 30 without much of an effort.  When he was on his game, he was incredible to watch.  He started to become way too much of a diva in his later years, especially when his skills decided to leave him.  Not exactly the best way to end a career.

We will see if he is back in the NBA this season.  Something makes me think that stage of his career is over.

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