Chris Paul Participates In Full Practice For Los Angeles Clippers

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The Los Angeles Clippers are in China for their special preseason tour. The Clippers were very happy to have Chris Paul participate in a full practice today in Beijing. Beijing is the first of two Chinese cities in which the Clippers will be playing. The other in Shanghai and both cities will see the Clippers take on the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat.

Chris Paul underwent surgery on the thumb on his shooting hand earlier this summer when he came back from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Paul was the key in helping the Men’s Basketball team win the gold, but it came with a price. Fortunately for the Clippers, that price came with enough time for Paul to heal from surgery and get ready for the season to begin.

Paul participating in a full practice just days after their pre-season opener against the Denver Nuggets is a definite good sign for the team. Especially with Blake Griffin looking like he’s ready to go for the Los Angeles Clippers. Head coach Vinny Del Negro will probably not force the issue with Paul. However, if Paul continues to improve, Del Negro may test him out. He should be wise with how he plays CP3 though. There is no need for his star point guard to risk an injury during the pre season. Not to mention having to put that kind of pressure on young point guard Eric Bledsoe since Chauncey Billups is still out due to injury.

If Paul plays at all this pre-season, he will be wearing a brace on his hand that will carry him into the regular season. The more he plays and gets acclimated to playing with the brace, the less he will need to wear it as it is only a temporary solution for the healing process for Paul. Eventually the brace will be off and Paul’s surgery will be an afterthought. Chris Paul participating in practice today was the first step to recovery and the Clippers couldn’t be more thrilled.








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