Does John Lucas III Make Jose Calderon Expendable?

By Sachin Arora

The Toronto Raptors kicked off their preseason on a high note, taking down Real Madrid 102-95 at the ACC. While the preseason doesn’t mean anything when the playoffs come around, it gives coaches and fans a chance to analyze the team a bit more before they head into the regular season.

Tonight, former Bull and projected third string point guard John Lucas III stepped into the spotlight and wowed coaches. Lucas poured in 16 points in 20 minutes, and was extremely efficient.

While Lucas doesn’t create many plays for his teammates, he can light up the scoreboard when he gets hot, and is a solid piece to have off the bench.At this point, it is clear that Kyle Lowry will start at the point guard position, leaving Jose Calderon as the back-up, and Lucas behind him. However, Lucas has shown that he can carry the load as a back-up point guard and tonight he showed why Bryan Colangelo should feel more comfortable trading Calderon.

While Lucas’ biggest flaw is his inability to create for his teammates, Jose Calderon’s biggest strength lays in creating for teammates. Kyle Lowry is a strong playmaker, however he can also score the ball, which in a way makes both Lucas and Calderon expendable.

What it really comes down to is the fact that Calderon is a valuable trade asset waiting to be moved, and Lucas has proved that he can do a sufficient job at backing up Kyle Lowry. Both players have their value, however, when you look at Calderon’s cap hit and market value, it could be time to part ways with another potent point guard waiting for minutes.

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