NBA Rumors: Is Sam Young Already a Lock to Stay with the Pacers?

By joshdhani
Sam Young October 2012
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indiana Pacers were able to grab Sam Young for the team’s training camp this year, hoping he can be the backup small forward the team has been looking for when Danny Granger needs a break.

The Pacers have been in need of a legit backup ever since Mike Dunleavy started getting injury issues and ended up not being re-signed in free agency. Young was brought in and has so far been very impressive in the team’s training camp.

Young has shown a lot of optimism and the Pacers look like they can trust him and have faith in him. Young never really had a legit chance to shine, never getting the playing time he needed when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers last season or with the Memphis Grizzlies for his first two.

However, it looks like Young is a lock to make the Pacers’ roster as they head into their first set of preseason games this week. Indiana will have to cut a couple of players, already having 18 so far. Head coach Frank Vogel has noted that he could bring the roster down to 14, instead of the maximum 15 that he is able to keep.

Vogel says that he would be shocked if Young doesn’t make the roster for the Pacers on opening night in the regular season.

“He’s just a really solid defender,” Vogel told the Indianapolis Star. “He brings physicality to the wing position that you need to play at this level.”

The Pacers will get to see what Young is really made of in the preseason. With Granger limited due to a knee injury, Young will be receiving a lot of playing time to see what the Pacers will be getting out of him heading into the regular season.

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