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NBA Rumors: Jordan Hill Could Be Back In 10 Days


On Sunday, during a game against the Golden State WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers center Jordan Hill suffered a herniated disk in his lower back.

The Lakers announced on Monday, that Hill will be re-evaluated in one week’s time. However, according to Yahoo! Sports, this isn’t the case. Hill will be ready to play again soon:

Los Angeles Lakers forward Jordan Hill, the top frontline backup to All-Stars Dwight Howard and PauGasol, doesn’t need surgery for a herniated disc in his back and will return to the lineup before the Oct. 30 season opener, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Hill, 25, will undergo core strength training on his back to rehabilitate the injury, sources said. He could return to practice within 10-14 days, but Hill’s rehab process will be fluid depending on how his back responds to treatment, sources said.

News that Hill will be ready for regular season is great for the Lakers. The Lakers need Hill healthy as their salary obligations are already among the highest in the league.

Yet, it also raises concerns that Lakers are a guard heavy team and that they’re short of big men. The team does have rookie center Robert Sacre, who started on Sunday against the Warriors. However, in important games, Hill is the only real option to back up both Gasol and Howard.

There have been rumors that free agent Kenyon Martin would sign with the Lakers since early August. According to The Examiner’s Ryan Ward, Martin was a front runner for the Lakers in the free agent pool because he is willing to take a minimum deal.

As soon as the Lakers announced that Hill was injured, rumors that the Lakers are interested in K-Mart quickly resurfaced.

Hopefully, even with the high salary demands of the current Lakers roster and a healthy Hill, the team still puts an offer out to Martin.