Boston Celtics: Can Rajon Rondo Lead Team in Scoring?

By Rob Lunder
Rajon Rondo, Celtics

Can Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo lead the team in scoring this year?  It is a pretty realistic scenario as head coach Doc Rivers will more than likely scale back the minutes of both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to keep them fresh for the playoffs.  Rondo has the younger legs and will routinely play 40 minutes a game.  Rondo absolutely has to be more aggressive on the offensive end, and it is a criticism that has followed him ever since entering the league.

There have been so many instances where Rondo has a two on one fast break and passes too early to his teammate.  He would be much better off waiting for the play to develop, then making the extra pass if he has to.  He needs to make the defender make the first move on the fast break.  He also needs to be more aggressive taking his outside shot.  If an opponent is going to go under a screen, like Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers did all last post season, he needs to shoot it.  So what if it doesn’t go in?  He needs repetition to establish any sort of rhythm and passing on an open 15 footer does not help the team.

I also expect Rondo to take a few more three pointers per game this year.  He has proven that he can make them when open and he certainly will be left open more often than not this season.

I think it is very reasonable for Rondo to lead the team in scoring this year.  He needs to be more aggressive, especially on quick outlet passes as the team has never had a high octane offense.  They value possessions and make sure that they have a very efficient series every time they are on the offensive end.  Let the New York Knicks score 110 points a game, but you can bet that they will give up close to 100 every game.  If the Celtics keep winning those 88-80 games, that is more beneficial to a team who prides itself on the defensive end.  As has been the popular phrase around Boston the past few years, “As Rondo goes, so do the Celtics.”


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