Detroit Pistons Have Key Role For PF Kyle Singler

By John Raffel
Kyle Singler
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE


NBA preseason means that Detroit Pistons‘ rookies like Kyle Singler have to put on a good show. Preseason is not for established veterans. But it is a critical time of season for not only rookies but for veterans on the bubble.

“Training camp has been going well,” Singler said earlier this week. “Today was our toughest practice, we finished on a high note.”

But Singler found out in a hurry that it’s not college basketball anymore. It’s the NBA. That seems a simple adjustment to make. But college superstars themselves realize in a hurry they’re way down in the totem pole that first day of the NBA preseason. How high they climb is up to them.

Singler, who played in Europe last year before coming to Detroit, is expected not only to easily make the Pistons’ roster but to see extensive playing time and be a contributing factor to the team’s playoff bid.

“I’ve gone through some adjustments,” Singler said. “I’m trying to learn the system and get more familiar with guys I’m playing with. It’s been great so far. I’m looking forward to the next things that will happen.”

What will happen for Singler is extensive playing time during the preseason for coach Lawrence Frank to determine how much time he wants to give his rookie during the regular season. So it wouldn’t hurt for Singler to play out of his mind right now. Not that he shouldn’t keep doing so later on, but this is his chance to go from a rookie sitting the bench to a first-year player seeing plenty of reporters in front of his locker after a game.

It also appears Singler will get extensive playing time at small forward along with Tayshaun Prince. There were other Pistons originally set to play that position such as Austin Daye, Corey Maggette and Khris Middleton. But all three were moved to focus on other positions, which means Singler and Prince are the only two exclusive small forwards on the roster.

That suits Singler just fine.

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