New Orleans Hornets Predictions (Part II)

By Michael Elworth



6. Austin Rivers Will Lead Bench In Scoring

– In the first predictions, it was predicted that Rivers would be among the top ten rookies in points per game, but for the sake of the New Orleans Hornets, he will be their top bench performer and will lead the bench in scoring at over 13 points per game.

7. Robin Lopez Will Have Career Year

– Robin Lopez was never given much of a chance in Phoenix, as his career high in minutes per game was just 19 minutes per game. He remains a very good rebounder, shot-blocker and defender and is a rough player who will fit in with the Hornets. He has always played in up-tempo systems that did not suit his talents and he has never played for a coach who demanded defense. The Hornets have a coach who expects his players to play hard on that end and Lopez will finally be able to play to his strengths. He will not only have a career year when it comes to minutes, rebounds, blocks and best of all points, at 10 per game or greater.

8. Darius Miller Will Start 10+ Games

– Miller, the Hornets’ second round pick, may be at the back of the rotation for now, but he is as experienced as a rookie can be after four years at Kentucky. He was the 2011 National Sixth Man of the Year and was the team’s sixth man on their 2012 National Championship team. He knows winning and will do what it takes for his team to win, as most players of his caliber would not have accepted a bench role and would have transferred to another team, so that they could be ‘the guy.’ However, he chose winning over a starring role and every team loves that attitude. He should work his way up, as he is a team-oriented player, who can shoot, play defense and will do all of the little things to help the Hornets win. With the lack of talent the team has at small forward, Miller will find his way into the starting lineup for at least a while.

9. Greivis Vasquez Will Remain Starting Point Guard For Season

– The Hornets have high hopes for first round pick, Austin Rivers, when it comes to him becoming a point guard. However, based on what he has done in high school and college, he is simply not ready to assume a full-time point guard role. He has ball-hogging tendencies and is not a strong or willing passer overall and will need to improve on this if he wants to be a full-time NBA point guard. Because of this, the steady Vasquez will hold onto the position for the season and Rivers will come off the bench, as a scoring guard.

10. Hornets Will Win Both Games Against The Boston Celtics

– The father to son, Rivers duo will make for a excellent story and you can bet that Austin Rivers will do whatever he can to win those games. His teammates will also rally around him to win. They will win both of their games against Doc Rivers’ Boston team.

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