10 Greatest Players in Sacramento Kings History

By cdisturco
Chris Webber
Kyle Terada – US Presswire

The Sacramento Kings are a NBA team originating in Rochester, New York in the 1920s. Formerly known as the Rochester Royals, the Kings are one of the oldest NBA teams that still play today. After around 30 years, the Royals relocated to Cincinnati, but in 1972 the Kings moved to Kansas City. That is where they got the name ‘Kings’ as they were called the Kansas City Kings.

Failing yet again, they were forced to move to Sacramento, where they are now. In Sacramento, the Kings really haven’t won much lately but their team has been rebuilding and now they are ready to amass more than a saddening 22 wins from the previous year.

Over the course of about 90 years, the Kings have only won a National Basketball League championship and an NBA championship. The Kings have picked up numerous amount of stars, such as Spudd Webb, Vlade Divac, and Chris Webber. These stars made their impact known, as they became fan-favorites very quickly.

Many of the players didn’t play most of their career with the Kings, but there are a select few that was loyal to their team. Some players won awards for other teams, but their seasons with the Kings was truly amazing. But who is the best player of all time for the Kings? Let’s take a deeper look into the Sacramento Kings organization and rank the players starting at number ten.These players are the players who made their career at Sacramento a big one, helping the team win games and providing the defense or offense when needed.

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