Clippers vs. Spurs 2012-2013 season notable matchup

By terryshumake




The last time the Los Angeles Clippers played the San Antonio Spurs, it was Game 4 of the Western Conference Semi Finals. The Spurs completed a four game sweep of the Clippers, ending their 2012 campaign. These two teams will meet for the first time since that series on Wednesday November 7 at Staples Center.

The Clippers added some depth to their bench since their post season elimination which should make for this game to be a bit more interesting than any of the four straight games they lost to the Spurs. During the regular season last year the Clippers and Spurs played 3 games and the Spurs took the season series 2-1. One of their wins was by 25 points. However, the Clippers were not as deep as they are right now.

Among others, the Clippers added veteran Lamar Odom who could be critical in the Clippers’ success this season. With the ability to play all five positions, Odom can come off the bench and provide an instant impact. Another key addition the Clippers made was adding Grant Hill to their lineup. Hill may be in the twilight of his career, but he has proven the last couple of seasons that he can still run the court and score points when needed.

The Clippers may have added some depth to their roster during the off season, but the team they will be facing has prided themselves in having a deep bench for years. A bench that could contribute to the Spurs being title contenders this year. Everyone knows what the Spurs did to the Utah Jazz and the Clippers last year in the playoffs, but it’s the bench that was the story of their playoff run. The Spurs’ bench contributed, on average, 46% of the points they scored in their first round sweep against the Jazz.

Bottom line, this is not the same Clippers team the Spurs swept a little less than 5 months ago. This team is deeper and has a new attitude. They are no longer content with just making the playoffs. Their goal is winning a championship. When the Spurs come to Staples Center, they will be in for quite a surprise.

Outcome: The Clippers added some key players to their roster and they are looking for retribution from last season’s sweep. The Spurs are always tough and many think they can contend for an NBA Championship this year. This one comes down to the final moments of the game and the Clippers beat the Spurs in a close one.









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