Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin Love's Rebound

By jessbeltran
Kevin Love

He was listed as six-foot-ten with an average leaping ability and he moves a step slower. He is deceptive in many ways. However, Kevin Love continues to amaze everybody with his rebounding.

Nobody in the NBA takes that art seriously. For Kevin, this is where the fun is─ banging bodies, clearing space, elbows and forearms up like a gladiator raising his armor for battle.

He changed Minnesota’s mentality with his never-ending work rate and dedication. This is his team now and he is going to try to do what Kevin Garnett failed to do in 2004–Love would try his best to put Minnesota in its first NBA title.

Usually the thought makes you scratch your head and then usually ends with a laugh or smile. It’s basically a long shot to the moon–it’s close to impossible–but yet everything is possible if you put your right mind to it.

Minnesota has gone through a lot of frustrations. Winning has been a scarcity here for years. But there is no doubt, not even the thought of entertaining another losing season, the team will bounce back. Kevin Love will lead them–after all, rebounding is his specialty.

Way back in his rookie years, Wolves former coach Kurt Rambis constantly challenged Kevin’s ability to lead the team. Love could readily admit if he is criticized about his athleticism or leaping ability, but he will never accept if his commitment and dedication are questioned.

All his life, he worked in perfecting his craft. Rebounding is never about luck or getting into the right place, it’s all about positioning and learning how your teammates shoot the ball. This isn’t about physicality–this is about science and art.

 Kevin Love with his elbows and forearms up has made a battle cry for the Minnesota Timberwolves this season.

This is the time they all bounce back.

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