76ers Guard Nick Young, Key to the 2nd Unit's Success

By Tyler R. Tynes
Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Whether it’s Nick P, “Swaggy P”, the Young One, or Mr. Automatic, the Philadelphia 76ers backup guard Nick Young, is one of the most complete players a team could want either starting at the shooting guard position or backing it up.

Young was the sixteenth overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft out of the University of Southern California where he averaged 17.4 points per game his last two seasons. Since coming into the league, Young has averaged 11.4 points and two rebounds per game. However, Young is known for a different type of game since coming into the NBA, and that level of play is from beyond the three-point-line.

Just as he did on Thursday night, “Swaggy P” is known for being a three-point-threat from the top of the key. Averaging almost 38 percent from behind the line in his five year career, he’s more of a menace from the main stripe. When shooting from farther than seventeen feet on the floor, Young averages close to 45 percent from the floor. When adding that option to an already electric offense, Young proves to be one of the best players on the floor at all times and for either team.

On Thursday night against the Orlando MagicYoung shot 3 for 4 from the three and finished with 22 points from the bench. Looking forward towards the season, as long as there is enough minutes to be swung the way of the Nike Foamposite wearing phenom, the Sixers look to be in good shape heading into what could be a likely postseason appearance for the team.

Expect Young to make defenses look foolish game after game.

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