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Can Erik Spoelstra Make It To The Basketball Hall Of Fame?

Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

Can Erik Spoelstra make it to the Basketball Hall of Fame?

It is a legitimate question. If the Miami Heat win the 2013 NBA championship by playing “position-less” basketball then Spoelstra should get some serious consideration.

In reality Spoelstra is the first coach to force LeBron James to play in the post and even if it was accidental, it worked. Also, take into account that he will be the coach that has James in his prime, and he will be the coach that was able to orchestrate the system that allowed James to solidify his name among all-time greats.

For all the praise James received for his 2012 campaign Spoelstra deserves some of the credit. He may not have the resume of Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, or Gregg Popovich, but Spoelstra has accomplished a lot in his short coaching career. As a rookie head coach the Heat finished with a 47-35 win/loss record and loss in the first round of the 2010 NBA playoffs to the eventual Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics. In 2011 the Heat won 58 games and loss in the NBA Finals in six games. In 2012 the Heat won the championship. Each season his team has been able to build off the previous year’s success. Spoelstra seems like he may be the coach that converts James from being an magnificent talent to an historical champion.

Spoelstra still needs to develop his ability to put his players in the right position in late game situations, but that skill will come with more experience. He may have the hardware that separates the good coaches from the great coaches, and the achievements that propel coaches to the Hall of Fame.