Boston Celtics: How Long Will Doc Rivers Go?

By Rob Lunder
Doc Rivers, Celtics
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This off season was quite a busy one for the Boston Celtics.  They watched Ray Allen bolt for the Miami Heat.  They also acquired a number of new players, including Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Jared Sullinger.  They also welcomed back some old faces in Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox.

Arguably the main reason for Kevin Garnett returning, coupled with the new acquisitions, was good old reliable: Doc Rivers.  Rivers has the uncanny ability to connect with players on so many different levels.  Everyone said Rajon Rondo was a lost cause when the Celtics drafted him, but Rivers often compliments him as the smartest player he has ever coached.

Rivers is such a great teacher of the game and it will be a dark day once he decides to retire.  He was very close to stepping away from the game a few years ago, but ultimately decided to return, allowing Celtics fans to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

How many more years does Rivers have left with the team?  It’s really impossible to put any finger print on it.  Rivers is a big family man and often travels to his kid’s sporting events on off days.  He could suddenly decide that he has had enough of coaching and go back to being a full time dad.  No one would blame him, but it would obviously be a huge blow to the Celtics franchise.

Rivers brings a calming influence to the position, and it is the same relationship that Bill Belichick has with the New England Patriots.  Fans always say, “as long as we have Belichick, we will be okay.”  That is the exact same phrase pertaining to Rivers.  You just trust the guy and you know that once the season strikes May, the Celtics will be in contention.

Rivers is the life blood of the organization and it will be a shame once he decides to hang it up, whenever that will be.


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