Boston Celtics: Where to Put Brandon Bass?

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics

I have read some articles lately suggesting that Jared Sullinger could start at power forward this year for the Boston Celtics over Brandon Bass.  The team took off last year once Bass entered the starting lineup, allowing Kevin Garnett to play the center position.  Bass is a great fit for what the Celtics do, as he is an excellent jump shooter for a big man.  He allows the team to space the floor and he provides the team with that nasty attitude they always possess.

Can Sullinger overtake him for the starting spot?  I really don’t see any scenario where this happens.  Head coach Doc Rivers is not just going to feed Sullinger to the wolves.  It takes time to adjust to the NBA game and a few strong preseason games simply do not validate a starting job, especially to a rookie.  I think the Celtics will benefit more with Sullinger on the second unit, as he can give them the type of energy and enthusiasm Glen Davis use to provide.  I think Sullinger will immediately become a fan favorite for his hustle and winning spirit, but Bass is a rock for this team and GM Danny Ainge did a terrific job retaining him this off season without having to break the bank.

The team has to be encouraged and excited about Sullinger, but they need to bring him along slowly.  If they throw him into a situation that he is not ready for, it could negatively impact him for the foreseeable future.  I think Sullinger will play a big role on this team, and especially for the future, but the notion that he could start over Bass is simply foolish.  The team flourished last year once they brought him into the starting lineup and there is no need to get cute now and change that up.  The Celtics will be at their best when Brandon Bass is in the starting lineup.  End of story.
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