Should Ryan Anderson Start At the Three?

By Michael Elworth
Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE


The New Orleans Hornets have had a big roster overhaul and have without a doubt significantly improved their roster. The biggest changes occurred in the frontcourt, where Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson and Robin Lopez step in for the departed Chris Kaman and Emeka Okafor. The team still has Jason Smith, who is a very talented power forward as well. The problem is that the team has too little playing time for all of these players. The starting lineup seems to have Ryan Anderson at power forward and Anthony Davis at center, but Davis should in no way play center as he will take a beating and will not be able to play his game, which involves finesse over strength.

The team must know that Davis would be at his best at power forward and they did bring in a very talented center in Lopez, who could hold down the position and take the beatings, as he is a very blue-collar player. In order to save Davis from the beating and to put him in the best place to become the star player he should become, they should start Lopez at center. Also to put out the best lineup possible it would be very smart to start Ryan Anderson small forward, for offensive reasons.

This would create a very strong defensive frontcourt in Davis and Lopez, in fact they could be one of the most dominant fronts in the league. It would also move the offensive minded Anderson to the perimeter, where he spends the majority of his time anyways. They would instantly be one of the top rebounding teams in the league and despite Anderson’s defensive shortcomings that would come with him at small forward, Davis and Lopez would make up for it down low. Anderson would also more than makeup for poor defense, with his normal fantastic scoring. Add in the fact that the still very raw Al Farouq Aminu is the projected small forward and should be upgraded, it could all work out. The team would improve on defense and have their best players in the starting lineup, which is how it should be. With Anderson and Eric Gordon scoring on the wings and Davis and Lopez dominating defensively down low, the team would have an exciting strong lineup.

Although this will probably not happen, putting Anderson at the three would be the best way to utilize the frontcourt heavy talent and have the best possible starting lineup. This would make the Hornets very formidable and would give them the best chance to win games, which is all they should be doing after having a 32% win percentage last year. The Hornets may not make the playoffs, but they would have a lineup that could grow together and could be very good very soon.

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