Kyle Lowry To Debut Wednesday Vs Wizards

By Sachin Arora


Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

The Toronto Raptors have seen new additions Jonas Valanciunas, Terrence Ross, and Landry Fields play, however they have yet to see their newly acquired starting point guard Kyle Lowry step onto the court. Lowry is expected to make his debut Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards in Toronto, and this should be the debut Raptors fans get the most excited for.

The Raptors haven’t had a player like Lowry in a long time: a two way point guard, creator, scorer, and most importantly, a leader. There is something about Lowry’s presence that  changes the culture of this Raptors team. It’s hard to describe, yet when you watch him mesh with the new-look Raps you will get where I’m coming from. His swagger, play style, and ability gives the Raptors a boost people don’t realize.

Adding Lowry gives the Raptors a legitimate top 10 point guard, and the last time the Raptors had a top 10 at any position was when Chris Bosh was in town. This is certainly a step in the right direction and Lowry is bringing a ton of optimism to Toronto.

In the Raptors last preseason game, Jose Calderon went down with hamstring tightness and will likely not play, so we will not be able to see the two play together. It is likely that another point guard controversy will occur with two very capable point guards battling for minutes. However, with adding John Lucas III, Jose Calderon has become expendable.  I would be surprised if Calderon is still on the roster by the end of the year, however if he accepts his role as a back-up I would more than welcome locking him up for years to come.

It will certainly be a treat for Raptors fans to watch Lowry, Valanciunas, and Fields play together, and Wednesday night will be a taste of what to expect from the Raptors this season.

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