Should The Miami Heat Amnesty Joel Anthony?

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

Should the Miami Heat consider using the amnesty clause on Joel Anthony?

It’s a legitimate question. Chris Bosh will be the Heat’s new starting center. Josh Harrellson, Mickell Gladness, and Dexter Pittman are fighting for a roster spot and since all three big men are 6 feet 11, cheaper, and probably more offensively gifted than Anthony. His role is diminishing each day. Anthony has played solid for the Heat over the past two seasons but he has been the default option at center.

Throughout the 2012 postseason his minutes decreased with each round Miami advanced. Since the Heat intend on playing small ball, using LeBron James and Shane Battier as their main power forwards an undersized center who can’t score consistently may not be needed. Anthony was not signed to a five-year $18 million contract because of his offense, his speed and athleticism have allowed him to successfully defend players such as Amare Stoudamire. Yet all the big men that stand in Miami’s way this season have a great advantage over Anthony.

It’s simple he is not a starting center in the NBA. Even though this is probably the weakest class of centers in league history. So why does it make sense to keep a player who averages less than five points and five rebounds per game? It would benefit the Heat to sign two younger big men with more talent and potential.

This season the Heat will have to face a number of teams who have more big men than them so they need all the help they can get in the paint.  Even if they don’t keep two young big men they should keep spots open for my another wing player instead of having a offensively challenged back up’s back up center.


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