Could Swizz Beatz Become the Jay-Z of the Knicks?

By Thomas Duffy

At the Knicks Tip-Off last week, rapper and diehard NYK fan, Swizz Beatz previewed a new song that the New York Knicks will come out to in the 2012-2013 season. Fully clothed in NYK gear head to toe, the hip hop mogul said:

“Now, I know there’s a lot of things going on around town with a bunch of other new places, but there’s no place like the Garden. There’s no team like the New York Knicks…[and] this year, I sat down with the fellas, and they said it’s showtime. What time is it? It’s Knicks time…I want y’all to get used to that all year ‘cus they’re coming out harder, stronger, better, and they’re coming to rush the building.”

As the Knicks headed into the 2010-2011 playoffs, Swizz Beatz remade the song, “Go New York,” which hadn’t been done in over ten years. He was joined in the music video by Carmelo Anthony and A’mare Stoudemire, and made references to several players in the song, including (then rookie) Landry Fields.

The Knicks will be joined the Empire State by the Brooklyn Nets this season. The Nets have been led in the press by hip hop legend, and partial owner of the team, Jay Z, who christened the brand new Barclays Center (Brooklyn’s home court) with a huge concert. At the show, he sported a Nets jersey, featuring his last name (Carter) and the number 4, which many believe to be a reference to the upcoming fourth installment of his “Blueprint” album series.

Jay Z has made the Nets the “it” team in the NBA, coming into the season. They are the hottest topic, have new uniforms, a new arena, a new location, a new logo, and a new All-Star SG in Joe Johnson. The Nets will be at the upper end of the Eastern Conference, and will be among the league leaders in merchandise sales. So, where does that leave the Knicks?

Swizz Beatz, whose real name is Kaseem Dean, is as passionate of a Knicks fan as they come, and could do for NYK what Jay Z is doing for Brooklyn. Dean, who is married to Alicia Keys, teamed up with Jay Z on the 2009 hit single “On to the Next One,” and is known mostly for his producing work. DMX’s “Party Up (Up in Here),” T.I.’s, “Bring ‘Em Out,” and (Jay Z’s wife) Beyonce’s, “Ring the Alarm,” are some of his most notable and celebrated songs.

Beatz certainly has the ability to become the prominent celebrity and face of the Knicks. As a promotion for both of the hip hop stars, I think that “Swizzy” and “HOVA” should make a song, or separate songs, discussing who the best team in New York is. It’s too bad to Jay Z, though, being that everyone knows that the Knicks will be the better team in 2012-2013.

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