Dallas Mavericks Lifts Delonte West Suspension In Less Than a Day

By Derek Ayala

The suspension that the Dallas Mavericks gave Delonte West has ended. In less than a day the Mavericks announced that West will be back with the team tomorrow night when they face the Phoenix Suns in a preseason game.

Last night after the Mavs beat the Houston Rockets, 123-104, West had an outburst in the locker room that caused the Mavericks to suspend him indefinitely. He tweeted after the game “sorry moma…” and “I showed off onur birthday again…” Nobody knows exactly what was said in the locker room, but it was enough to get him suspended.

West has a history of bad behavior. Back in 2010 when he was with the Boston Celtics he was suspended for ten games for pleading guilty to weapon chargers in Maryland. Last season with the Mavs he put he gave a “wet willy” to Gordon Hayward which cause him to get a technical. Not to mention the rumors flowing back in 2010 about him having sexual encounter with then teammate LeBron James‘ mother, Gloria. However, he has been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

There’s no doubt that there is a connection between West and coach Rick Carlisle. He was the one that went after him which prompted the Mavericks and West to agree on a one year deal during the off-season. West last year averaged 9.6 points, 3.2 assists, 2.3 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game. He will enter this season as a role player that can provide solid defense during the 20-25 minutes a game he is given.

West is a valuable player for this Mavericks team and he will provide the defense this team will need as the season progresses. However, if West has another outburst his next suspension may not last less than twenty four hours and could cost him a contract next year if he is interested in staying in Dallas.

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